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Gustav Klimt, Judith I (detail)
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Nothing vast enters the lives of mortals without ruin

But of course there is hope Look here comes hope
Wandering in
To tickle your feet

Then you notice the soles are on fire

" —

Anne Carson, Antigonick (Sophokles)

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Catherine by PJ Harvey
163 notes "Si je me fais sauvage et muette quand je ne suis pas heureuse, c’est que je trouve mes ressources dans le silence et l’insociabilité." — Sidonie Gabrielle Colette (via seelenlos)

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Hymn of the Cherubim by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
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When by Sidewalks and Skeletons
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Study of the Day: Garments expose their signature labels 

Harris Tweed weaves its way through our Autumn-Winter 2014 ‘Défilé’ Collection, reinventing the traditional construction of British bespoke. The original label remains intact, affixed to the outside of the garments.

Now available in Maison Martin Margiela boutiques worldwide.
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russian soldiers in tamansky x a.f. vandevorst autumn/winter 2004-05
katharina prospekt: the russians by a.f. vandevorst
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"The ‘320° Licht’ installation of urbanscreen uses the cathedral-like beauty of the Oberhausen’s Gasometer in Germany as the starting point for a fascinating game with shapes and light. Within a radius of 320 degrees graphic patterns grow and change on the 100-metre high inside wall of the Gasometer."
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Véronique Leroy autumn—winter 1998—99.
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